gracepoint community, located in Pittsboro, NC, contacted Dark Canvas about an update to their website. The prior site was image based, with very crude navigation. Most information was beneath the images, and easy to miss without scrolling down. Updates were made by contacting a designer to create a new graphic for the page, and then text added outside the default browser view.

gracepoint wished to create a website that would both provide information to existing members, as well as marketing for people interested in attending gracepoint functions.

Working with the customer, Dark Canvas determined that a Content Management System (CMS) in conjunction with Google Applications would provide the best solution for gracepoint's limited budget. Dark Canvas took gracepoint's vision of an easy-to-navigate web site with informative links and embedded media and tailored the CMS to match the gracepoint brand. Starting with a rough skeleton for the design, Dark Canvas and gracepoint collaborated on each iteration of the web site, resulting in a site that not only met the goals of the organization, but also resulted in technology that would allow gracepoint more flexibility and easy updates in the future.

Dark Canvas then worked with the gracepoint navigation and leadership team to train them on the use of Google Application, as well as documenting "how to do things" in a protected area for the leaders to reference in the future.

gracepoint community's members have commented on their approval of the new web site. The information has also been used in marketing materials and outreach for gracepoint, with favorable reviews from both supporters of gracepoint and non-members and attendees.